Friday, June 25, 2010

Episode 30: Mail Day and Free Cards!

Little bit of mail, little bit of free cards for you.

I'll post some more info later, but for now I am off to the Giants - Red Sox game!



Alex said...

Hey guys cool video today could I get the Albert Pujols card or the Carl Crawford card thanks
Oh and PS
Thanks for the Ken Griffey Card that you gave me out of your personal collection on the last video!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's David--

Great video, and I'm pumped you guys are going to post them more frequently. Could you send me Carl Crawford card? If someone takes that, can you send me the Johnny Cueto?

Thanks a lot

bennett said...

1.Torrie Hunter
2.Billy Hall(BTW he got traded for about 2 months)
2.Shang Mang Wang(just because of the name!)

Chris in VT said...

Hey guys,I'd love the Bill Hall or the BJ Upton. And speaking of Griffey, I was 9 years old when he played part of a season here in my hometown with the Vermont Mariners and I actually have the ball from 1 of the 2 HR's he hit with the team.He's been my favorite player ever since and it really is too bad about all the injuries in Cincinnati b/c he was just about the best ever. Kinda sad to see the last of my boyhood idols retire. Thanks for letting me vent everyone!

TheBrooklynMet said...

Oh, I'm a fan of really good pitchers! I'll take that Adam Wainwright. Also, congrats on the cool relics my fellow reader sent you. Weeks is starting to hit again!

T Mak said...

Hey ODC, I wanted to thank you for the Rangers cards that were sent to me from the last episode. I really enjoy what you all do for baseball fans and card collectors alike. Keep up the good work! Thank you again!

Austin Buchholz said...

Hey can I have the torri hunter???

Anonymous said...

I would love that Upton card!

~Eric from Green Bay

william nick shaw said...

Johnny Cueto plzz

garett said...

albert pujols please

Noah Cunningham said...

kevin y. and jonathan p. please.

Joe and Chris said...

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in. So here's what I am sending out:

Grizz - Carl Crawford
Alex - Albert Pujols
David - Johnny Cueto
Bennett - Torii Hunter
Chris - Bill Hall
The Brooklyn Met - Adam Wainwright
Eric - BJ Upton

There are still some good cards left!

julius said...

Hi guys. it was a good show i thought. I cant find where the mark texeira card is. the signed sealed and delivered card. it is in the recently opened window top right. im sure its gone thoe.. Shang Mang Wang i think is how to spell the new york pitcher. If it is available. Have a great 4 th of july..

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Julius, I'll send that Chin Ming-Wang your way this weekend.

I haven't updated the Recently Opened Cards yet...thanks for the reminder. That Teixeira card is from a few episodes not so recently opened.

Have a great 4th of July weekend.

Ben said...

Hey,can I have the Bergessen please?

Kaden said...

Can I have the Rickie Weeks card? If not Kevin Youkilis?

Ben said...

Actully the Weeks!

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