Saturday, May 29, 2010

Upper Deck Victory Prizes - #27

It's been awhile since our last free card giveaway and this one was worth the wait. Speaking of long waits, our gear from Upper Deck came in the mail and we are SO pumped. Check out this episode to see our free boxes of cards, 2009 NFL rookie autographed football and other incredible gear.

Here at Opening Day Cards we give stuff away, so as always the packs of cards we open on this episode are up for grabs! Request a card each and we'll send it to you in the mail at no cost. Seriously there's no catch.

A big congrats to Roy Halladay today. Another perfect game this year, MLB 2010 it's going to be a special season. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks to all those representing America overseas and here in the States we're thankful for your service. #proudtobeanamerican

Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Ortiz Quote - "You Gotta Ride With Me"

When the big man speaks we listen. He spoke up big time and he's backing it up with some solid play and some big time hits. It looks like the Boston slugger is returning to his glory days of decent eyes and steroid use.

David said - "I was mad. I was absolutely mad. If you ride with me, you're going to get two things. Either you're going to win or you're going to die with me. That's the way it is, that's the way it's been as long as I've been here. ... You gotta believe in your players. Period. You choose to have me on your roster since Day 1. You gotta ride with me."

Somewhere Dustin Pedroia is sitting back and watching the laser show with a big smile on his face.

Papi keep slugging and #redsoxnation keep the faith.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 3 Baseball Apps for the iPhone

The Major League Baseball season is in full swing and while we encourage you to catch as many baseball games as possible from within a stadium, how do you stay on top of scores when you’re in line at the urinal? We at Opening Day Cards have deemed it officially impossible to be in every ballpark at the same time so we’ve come to rely on iphone apps to keep us up to date on games happening around the country.

Do you know who won the Red Sox game? Do you know who’s pitching for the Royals on Sunday? Did David Ortiz really strike out 4 more times on Thursday? We used to call friends and family to find these things out but with an iphone you no longer need friends or family #thankstevejobs.

Top 3 Baseball Apps for the iPhone:

#3 - MLB LITE - This is our official “snapshot” app and it’s a free one brought to you by MLB Lite. Don’t expect any details with this app but you’ll get up to the date scores, who’s pitching and whose hitting in a snappy interface that’s perfect for a quick check from underneath the conference table at work. That said you won’t get box scores, recaps or any other information. MLB is always looking to make a buck so if you’re a free-spender check out their $9.99 app that comes with all the bells and whistles (It didn’t make our list because $10 is just too expensive).

#2 – Ball Park Envi – Imagine every MLB stadium in your pocket and then pay these guys $0.99 and actually have it in your pocket. Beautiful shots of all the MLB baseball parks in the country and a fun baseball app to keep in mind before you pick up tickets at a new venue.

#1– Sportacular – These guys do it right and they do it for free. They cover every major sport you can imagine but when spring rolls into town we recommend making those MLB scores your default setting. Here you get complete access to scores, recaps, box scores etcetera.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fan Mail! Episode 26

Fan mail! We're pretty jazzed about the stuff jamming our mail boxes these last few weeks. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent us stuff these past few weeks. Sorry this took so long to post, we've been busy!

Big SHOUTOUT to Randy (check out Randy's blog here), Bennett, Anthony (check out Anthony's blog here), Jason, Jesse, Nick and Coach Cantu! You guys are amazing and sent us some awesome stuff fit nicely in our Brewers/Red Sox collection! We received autograph cards, jersey cards, unopened packs, commemorative baseballs, a Brewers pennant, and even our own cards!

So, we tried to fit this video into 10 minutes so we could throw it on YouTube, but we failed. In or time saving effort we crammed in a few packs of Bowman 2009's to send to y'all.

Leave us a comment below to request your FREE* card!

*limit one card per person

Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Grand Slams in One Inning - (winner of MCG code)

Two grand slams in one inning for Fernando Tatis is a feat we don't expect to see happen again anytime soon. In fact it's more likely that A-Rod will skip across Braden's mound again before we see two grand slams in one inning. Can you believe that little fire cracker on the left pulled this of? A big congratulations to Joshua for being in attendance at this game and for winning the last code in our Million Card Giveaway competition. There were a ton of great stories and we'd also like to award an honorable mention to Oriole Way for his incredible story about Eddie Feinger - for more on Eddie we suggest you read this Sports Illustrated Post.

For those of you that are curious, Tatis's Cardinals pulled off the victory and Chan-Ho-Park's Dodgers took the well deserved loss after watching Tatis put up 8 RBI's against him in the third inning with the two grand slams.

Again a big congratulations to Joshua for taking first prize, & to our runner up "Oriole Way" we're hunting down a special gift as you endure another season cheering on Baltimore. Thanks again to Jeremy Dunson for his suggestion that we run a Million Card Giveaway episode, we'll get another in the works!

Thanks for your support and may the star on your team hit two grand slams in one inning, he'll be joining elite company - Tatis was the 2008 comeback player of the year after all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway - #25

First of all, HUGE shoutout to our buddy over at The Dugout Cards for sponsoring this episode. Check out the site, pick up a card. It's a great place to find and purchase cards online, with some pretty killer deals. Let us know what deals you found.

Second, HUGE shoutout to Jeremy Dunson, our buddy from Facebook, for hatching the idea for this episode. If you enjoy the madness of Million Card Giveaway, and you enjoy us giving them away, thank Jeremy!

Third, here's the dilly for this episode. We are on a treasure hunt for some Topps 2010 Million Card Giveaway (MCG) codes. People love this stuff. It's like baseball card gold. We have plenty of packs lined up and plan on finding a few codes for you.

The same rules apply people:

1. First to comment gets the card (click the little comment link below)
2. Limit one card per person
3. If you haven't received a card from us in the past (what's wrong with you, do you not like free cards?!) you will have to send me your address at
4. Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion!

That second code is still on the market. Here's what you have to do to get it:

Let us know the most exciting thing that happened at a baseball game that you were at in person. Leave us a comment below. The best story gets the second code. We'll pick the winner tomorrow night at 10 pm PST.

Jody Gerut Hits For the Cycle

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Jody Gerut hit for the cycle yesterday which continues to decrease the quality of the Brewers all-time list of players who hit for the cycle.

After Robin Yount hit for the cycle in 1988, and Paul Molitor in 1991, the list was looking respectable. But recent years have seen that list take a nosedive.

In 2004, my least favorite Brewer of all time, scrub catcher Chad Moeller hit for the cycle. Chad is a career .226 hitter, and he isn't exactly a defensive dynamo.

And now, Jody Gerut is the icing on the Brewers Cycle Cake. We acquired Jody in a 2009 trade where we shipped Tony Gwynn Jr. to San Diego. Let's ignore talent for a second, because I don't care who is the better player. What's important about this trade is that it said,

We, the Milwaukee Brewers, will no longer attempt to ever manufacture a run (like perennial powerhouse St. Louis Cardinals have perfected) and will wholly rely on home runs to score.

Way to go Jody. Congratulations.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Viewer Video #1 - Opening Day Cards

We are geeked about this episode!

For the past 2 months it has been a blast for Chris and I to open cards and share the excitement (and the cards) with all of you. It's great to see it has been a blast for you all as well.

One viewer, Nick Proietti from Cheyenne, WY has been a regular viewer from the beginning, and he likes what we do so much he just had to join in the fun. He made his own video and is sharing his cards with all of you! More FREE cards*

Tune in as Nick opens a few packs of cards, shares his favorites, and comment below to request a card.

You can contact Nick at


*Limit one card per person

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dustin Pedroia - Laser Show (Quote of the Week)

Much has been made about David Ortiz's early season struggles. He used the "I can't see" and need an eye-exam excuse last year, and with steroids no longer an option people are really hating on the big guy. But Boston's biggest little man still has his back and we respect Dustin Pedroia. See what Pedroia had to say...

"David’s fine, He’s one of our teammates. It could have been me that hit into a double play. It happens to everybody, man. He’s had 60 at-bats. A couple years ago I had 60 at-bats, I was hitting .170, everyone was ready to kill me too. What happened? Laser show. Relax."

Relax, fingers crossed for that laser show.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

#23 You Won't Believe What My Mom Did

Free Baseball Cards ladies & gentleman. Did we mention we give away baseball cards? Today is an extra special, first edition episode of "You Won't Believe What My Mom Did". We're keeping this strictly focused on baseball cards and there are some sad stories out there. If you have a story of what your Mom did with your baseball cards leave a comment below and perhaps we'll feature you next!

We're tearing into some Topps Heritage packs, and maybe just maybe, our friend Bill will find a few replacements for the treasures his Mom took care of for him. Check it out!

PS - Rumor has it people like "Million Card Giveaway Cards". Is this true? If you're a fan you'll want to keep an eye out for a crazy episode where we're giving away million card giveaway codes. We'll be announcing the date for that show shortly!