Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Red Sox Will Make The Playoffs

It’s mid-September the bumbling Red Sox are 6.5 games out of the AL East and 6 games out of the wild-card. All hope is lost right? It’s been a bummer of a year – Pedroia, Youkilis, Varitek, Ellsbury, Beckett, Dice-K, etc etc they’ve spent more time nursing wounds than playing ball. But four days ago I made a prediction as you may see in the post below – I believe the Boston Red Sox will make the playoffs and the evil empire will sit this one out. Three reasons why the Red Sox will make the playoffs:

1. End of Season Schedule – Whoever laid out the schedule this year really wanted the last few weeks to count. In our final few weeks, the Yankees and the Rays play 3 more times and the Red Sox and the Yankees play 6 times. With the Rays just taking 2 out of 3 from the Yankees and the Red Sox sweeping their West Coast series with the Mariners the Sox are closing in. The Rays are dominant – they will win the AL East and while doing so, set the Yankees back a few more games and Boston will be on fire for it’s end of season series with the hated NY rivals. That final weekend series in October will be playoff level baseball and the Sox will rise to the challenge.

2. Young Studs – So you wanna play in the big leagues? The Red Sox lineup has been stocked with minor league wannabees all year and it’s starting to look like the Sox turned on their stud-finder at the right time. We’ll be seeing a lot of these guys in the next few years but they are about to leave their mark on New England with an end of season run like nobody would believe – Ryan Kalish, Lars Anderson, & Daniel Nava.

3. Pitching – These guys have stayed healthy, there’s been some Cy Young rumors all year and Lester, Bucholz, Lackey, Beckett, Wakefield, Dice-K & Paps are going to come through when we need them. There are some seasoned hurlers in that crew and the next few weeks are plenty of time to string a few wins together.

So you heard it here – an outlandish belief in the home team squd, but it's going to happen. Also keep an eye out for the unlikely hero JD Drew. The injury prone, moody outfielder is going to come through big. Enjoy the rest of the season and see you in late October! Let me know what you think - am I off my rocker, how do you feel about the Sox chances?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode 37 - Relics relics relics!

Hey folks - big packs here. BIG packs. Check out some of the gorgeous cards we pulled in these packs. As always all the cards you see on the show are free - request the ONE card you'd like in the comments below - first comments gets the card!

You heard it here first. I'm calling the Red Sox making the playoffs. Yankees will falter. Rays and Sox will be in. We'll see what happens, but it's time for an end of year prediction.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Speaking of brawls...

I am assuming this video will get lifted off YouTube soon, so get it while you can!

Nyger Morgan, the feistiest little man in baseball is at it again. Throwing baseballs at fans, and now throwing punches at pitchers. Check out the second punch thrown as Nyger finally gets his.

Super Fan Episode!

Welcome to a special Super Fan edition of Opening Day Cards!

As Chris and I were roadtripping across the States, one of my stops was back in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where I met up with a HUGE fan of baseball, cards, and Opening Day Cards...Bennett. This year Bennett's baseball team went an astonishing 14-0! Congratulations!

Join us as we open a few packs of Topps 2010 Series 2. As always, all the cards on this episode are up for grabs. Just leave a comment below and we will ship it out your way.