Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card on Ebay

There is a Stephen Strasburg rookie card selling on Ebay for $260,000.00. Let me say that again… there is a Stephen Strasburg rookie card selling on Ebay for $260,000.00. That folks is absurd. This is America fanaticism at it’s finest, ride him while he’s hot this card is only going to go down in value. I came across the card on Ebay this afternoon and the highest bid was $140,000. Three hours later it’s gone up over a hundred grand. With four days left on this auction there’s no telling what it will go for.

What do you think this is going to sell for? What would you have done if you’d opened this card? So there you have it, two posts on Stephen Strasburg in a row, I’m really hoping this guy truly pulled the card from a pack and didn’t trade for it from some kid who could have paid for college and bought a house while he was at it.

Rock on folks, baseball cards are interesting again.

UPDATE - Card is now selling for over $750,000!


John Bateman said...

The highest Bidder has a zero rating. Some How I think the outside media will ignore this as a practical joke

william nick shaw said...

update $950,100.00

william nick shaw said...

new update $999,000.00

Joe and Chris said...

Wow, this is pretty intense. That's a lot of money for one card.

Ben said...

Could be the new Hounus Wagner

Mikhail Carver said...

I hope who ever is rich enough to acquire that will not regret the fulfilment service from ebay and leave that card with smudges.

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