Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Sox Need a Bench Clearing Brawl

The Red Sox are in need of a bench clearer. With James Shields on the mound this evening it's a shame they let the opportunity slip by. The sox are flat. Like a coke left out over night this squad has no pop. Their outfield has struggled to bat .240 and the pitching hasn't been consistent. With 3 more major AL East series left in the season can the squad pull it together.

I would have loved to see Pedroia pinch-hit, lean into a pitch and take off after Shields to rile up a team that has dreams of October and couches.

Here at Opening Day Cards we're getting riled up as well. We've got a slew of new videos and some new sponsored goods to be giving away. It's going to be an exciting week. How's your team wrapping up the year? Is September going to be an exciting month?


Chris in VT said...

Amen to that Chris (I assume it's you that posted this). Some nights it seems they're fighting,but most it looks as if they are just going through the motions. My girlfriend and I were at Fenway last Thurs/Fri,which happened to be the games they lost to the Angels and the 16-2 humiliation by the Blue Jays,the 2 teams they've dominated this season. It seems that once they lose a lead, they call it a wrap. It's really too bad b/c I really think at full health that they were the best team in MLB this year. At least they looked like it until the injuries started. I just hope they get to work on re-signing Victor,Papi and Beltre.They really need all 3 back. I know they aren't done yet this year,and I won't completely give up until they're mathematically eliminated,but I'm kinda looking to 2011 already.Sorry for the length,needed to vent.Thanks guys,you're the best!

Josh H. said...

I have to completly agree with you on this Chris. I also think that there are a few more teams that it wouldn't hurt to do the same. Even if there had to be a few suspension it would be worth it to wake up some teams. I'm still trying to figure out how STL has 3 of the top 8 ERA in the NL (Wainwright #1 2.18, Garcia #5 2.33, Carpenter #8 2.93) and still can't beat teams with losing records. If you could just light a fire under some of these offenses in would make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Chris Andrew said...

well said guys - Chris - totally agree that the sox need to resign those guys. People are calling it Beltre's fair-well tour. Do you think he'll be back?

Josh - that's a seriously lights-out pitching staff and a team that just can't get the job done. I have no hate for the Cards but even when they do make it into the playoffs it seems like they run out of heart at some point each year. You think they have any chance this year? The Phillies/Giants will be tough to catch

Chris in VT said...

No unfortunately I think Beltre might be one and done in Boston.With the year he's had,he and Boras are gonna want like a 4 year/$60 million contract and I don't know if the Sox will do that. I sure hope they surprise me b/c they aren't going to find a better 3rd baseman.That guy gives 100% every second of every game. And he just said like 2 days ago that Boston's been a really good fit for him.So maybe they hold on to him,but I'm skeptical. Victor,Papi and either Werth or Crawford are gonna be their main targets.And some bullpen help hopefully!

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