Friday, September 3, 2010

Speaking of brawls...

I am assuming this video will get lifted off YouTube soon, so get it while you can!

Nyger Morgan, the feistiest little man in baseball is at it again. Throwing baseballs at fans, and now throwing punches at pitchers. Check out the second punch thrown as Nyger finally gets his.


bennett said...

That 1st baseman came in and closed lined him and he didnt get suspended.that pitcher threw the ball behind him and he didnt get suspended and morgan's suspended for like 10 games!

Josh H. said...

It's times like this that people need to realize how great the blindsided closeline really is. Nothing would have really come out of that fight without the backup from 1st. I think that with things like this they should tag everyone that throws a punch. I'm all for sticking up for your team but only 1 person getting suspended is kinda bull.

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