Sunday, January 30, 2011

March 31st (Opening Day 2011)

Yikes - it's been three months since our last post. The SF Giants are the champions of the world and Joe and I have been catching our breath. Excuses aside, please accept an apology from the both of us. It's been three months of silence from Opening Day Cards and that's unacceptable. A few thank you's are in order.

1. Thanks for season #1 - we had a blast building a vivid community, talking baseball and baseball cards, spitting seeds and watching our hometown teams fail.

2. Thank you number 2 is presumptuous... Thanks for coming back for 2011. Joe and I are working on a game plan for 2011 - more free baseball cards, baseball talk, maybe a spring training trip with video interviews? There's a lot to come and we're excited.

For now a quote from the great Rogers Hornsby - "I stare out the window and wait for spring."

We'll be back! Thank you for the community. Chris & Joe (ODC)


Chris in VT said...

Great to hear from you guys! Absolutely cannot wait for this season,the Red Sox are gonna be monsters!! Gonna be a great season for the Brew Crew too with Greinke and Marcum. Glad to know you guys are gearing up too!

nick shaw said...

i can not wait till this season kiks off 2 months till cincy reds opening day which thhis will be my 9th stright year going to and the reds are going to the world series this year for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was actully thinking that you would start the card opening. Opening day cards where no day is.....Opening day.

Anonymous said...

Well congrats to them, we once had our baseball supplies signed by them and we're really proud their victory.

Helen A. Payne said...

Giants cards were selling like hotcakes and the championship editions were off the shelves in just days. The world series edition cards are also collector's in value.

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