Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free Baseball Cards: Opening Day Cards Episode 5

Baseball - OpeningDayCards #5 from chris andrew on Vimeo.

Busting through some Topps 2010 Series 1 packs. These may be the best 2 packs we have opened so far, so perk up.

Now I know this episode isn't supposed to air until tomorrow, but Chris is MIA. He took off for Montana, and left me holding the bag (this is Joe). Before he left, he uploaded the video to Vimeo, and people have started to watch it. In fact, people have already started requesting cards. In fact, in fact, many cards are already gone. I mailed some today. Bottom line, you get to see this episode before it was ever supposed to air, and you need to see it before all the cards are gone.

We are continuing the madness of giving away FREE BASEBALL CARDS*. Just leave us a comment below letting us know what card you want, and I will mail it to you.

Also, in this episode Chris mentions a sweet Jimmy Rollins commercial, check it out here to see why Chris chose Rollins as his Dream Card.



* limit 2 cards per person, while supplies last


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm double dipping today cuz I saw both March 10th and March 13th shows in one day. For a second there I though you guys were chewing on tobacco cuz of all the spitting but then you revealed it the seeds. I can't remember last time I needed to late a glove... I need to play more to wear down the lacing I guess! Mind if I ask for the Jackie Robbinson/Matt Kemp card? Being Dodgers fan, I gotta have it! If you're giving out two cards, I might as well ask for Albert Pujols - but if he's already taken, send me the Giants' Bengie Molina so I can throw darts at him. Thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Jesse, consider that Jackie Robinson/Matt Kemp card yours. The Pujols is gone already, but we will save that Molina for your dart board. Thanks for tuning in.

David Lynch said...

Hey I'm the same guy who commented on your Vimeo account, I didn't know we could comment on this page. I see that the Robinson/Kemp card got taken, so I would love to have the Babe Ruth card. I love the wiz, so if you could send the ozzie smith card too that would be great, but I'd be very happy with just the Babe Ruth. If your mailing, 86 brandeis circle, halifax massachusetts, zip: 02338
Address it to David Lynch if you can send it.

Joe and Chris said...

Hey David, thanks for tuning in. Unfortunately both those cards were requested before we even launched Episode 5 on our blog. Someone found the new video on vimeo and snatched them right up. If you like the Topps insert cards, the Vlad Peak Performance is still available, as well as all the inserts from Episode 3. Are you a Sox fan?

Unknown said...

Can I have the card your mom threw out code from Episode 3? :) Also I'm looking for the David Wright/Gary Carter card should you come across it. Great blog, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I started to collect cards in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I've got of a pile those ratty '89 Donruss cards in storage. The quality so poor, but back then they were the best you could get... or afford in my case. Upper Deck came out and changed baseball cards forever. I kept on collecting through 1994. Card pack prices for a 12 year old with a $10 weekly allowance did not go well with my collection fascination so I stopped buying. Another thing that bothered me at the time, and still does was the mass overproduction of baseball cards by so many companies. It really turned me off. I started buying a pack here and there again in 2007 and was happy to see that many companies had finally left the baseball card business. Good riddance to Donruss, O-Pee-Chee and Score. Although Score Select was a nice card, their base sets really stunk. I hated to see Fleer disappear. They were my favorite card company. I used to collect only Fleer Ultra cards. I also enjoyed Upper Deck cards, which I believe to this day have the most appealing baseball player images and designs. I will be interesting to see how UD designs their new cards now that they can't use MLB logos. I'm not sure Topps did baseball card collectors any favors by eliminating all the competition from using MLB exclusive logos. I would not mind seeing Upper Deck make cards with MLB licensing. No monopoly is a good monopoly.

RJ Smart said...

So I am a fan of a couple cards... you had that Pirates team history card!!! Who could forget Bob Clemente, even today! There was that RBI leaders card with Fielder Howard and Pujols? And lastly the "Mom threw away" Ozzie Smith card. I live in San Luis Obispo, CA, so much love to Ozzie. Please mail me a card!!! Would be so stoked to get one... RJ Smart 3840 Broad St #5, San Luis OBipso CA 93401

Joe and Chris said...

RPM 79--thanks for tuning in! The Gary Sheffield "Cards your mom threw out" card from episode 3 is yours. Unfortunately, that David Wright/Gary Carter card was already snatched by another viewer. Send me an email at with your address and I will send your card. Thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

RJ Smart - Thanks for tuning in! Consider that Pirates team history card, and the RBI Leaders card yours. Unfortunately the Wizard was grabbed a couple days ago. Hopefully we get another one soon, its been the most requested card we have opened so far! Look for your cards in the mail soon!

R.J. Smart said...

Thank you so much!!! Your blog and videos are rad... Ya, I said rad... Can't wait for opening day mlb. I'm a huge Seattle fan actually. One more season for Junior... I sure hope he makes the best of this season... A few more game winners would be nice, and maybe a .290 batting average... turn back the clock a little. Ya I have that Ozzie Smith card actually for real, not the remake. Mine is just not mint, so thought would be cool to have them both... Glad you guys are doing this. Free stuff always makes good incentive. I mean, I'm a grown man for heavens sake. Where do u all call home? PS- if you guys want a deal on some MLB etched Oakley's let me know. Fully customized, and with any MLB team logo :)

Mannywood said...

whats up guys, its Jose_the_boss from twitter... still waiting on those cards, anyways.. have you guys recieved the fantasy league invitations? let me know whenever you get a chance please. take care guys...

Joe and Chris said...

Hey RJ, thanks for tuning in! We're glad you like the show. Chris and I are both living in the SF Bay Area, and like you getting pretty geeked up for Opening Day. Do you get the MLB Extra Innings package so you can watch your M's play?

Joe and Chris said...

Jose_the_boss--thanks for checking back in. We got the fantasy league invites and plan on signing up this weekend. We'll probably do one team between the both of us and chat about it on the show. Hang in there on your cards, I sent them on Friday or Saturday, so they should be arriving soon.

Mannywood said...

just got my cards... thanks alot! i wrote on twitter, but ill just say here who i got in that pack of cards... "the Dodger Killer" Jake Peavy (thank God he's in the AL), John Maine, Jimmy Rollins, Jorge De La Rosa, Brett anderson, & Kenshin Kawakami....

as far as the fantasy league, one team for the both is cool...

If anybody wants to join the fantasy league, just post up your email. it is free, all you need is to sign up for an ESPN profile....

Anonymous said...

great show guys! I reay enjoyed it, and I posted a link to your blog on the sidebar of mine, also hav a little shoutout to the show a few days back. Got my cards today, thank you again!

Berman said...

Fun fact of the episode opportunity? 1933 - first world series. Good stuff to know, some solid party conversation.

Unknown said...

I actually ended up getting the Sheffield card in my next box so I will leave it out there for someone else to claim in the interest of fairness. Too bad about the wright/Carter card:(

In your travels have you guys pulled any original back classic cards. I know some people have been down on them because they are harder to organize but they are sweet to look at and see the old designs. I got a few original back parallels that are really cool to see. What do you think of those cards?

Unknown said...

By the way, are there any cards you are looking for that I can send you? I've gone a bit crazy with this years topps cards and have lots of doubles.

Boss24 said...

I was just wondering if the Colby Rasmus card is still available and if you have anymore cards titled the ones your mom threw out

Joe and Chris said...

Boss24-thanks for tuning in! That Colby Rasmus card is yours, just email me your address at I think I can dig up a card your mom threw out too.

Eric Enli said...

Hey guys! I would like the Matt LaPorta and Josh Beckett cards, if they're still available. If not, the Derek Lee card would be fine.

Also, rpm79 said the Sheffield card from episode 3 is available now. If that's true, I would love to have that one. Thanks, guys!

Joe and Chris said...

Hi Eric, the Matt LaPorta is gone, but the Beckett and Lee cards are yours! Also, that Sheffield has been requested already too. Thanks for tuning in. Did you do an Opening Day Cards marathon?

Ben said...

Hey guys,
can i get the pittsburgh Franchise History card or the vlad peak proformence.Or could I have the Jackie Robinson/Matt Kemp.

Joe and Chris said...

Hi Bennett- The Vlad card is available and I'll send it to you. Thanks

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