Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Baseball Cards! Opening Day Cards #22

Four free packs today and a Baseball Term of the Day to boot. Speaking of boot, did you see the Sox blow that lead today? Dream Cards are back in action, will Chris pull a Tim Wakefield? Will Joe be blessed with a Joe Mauer?

Big week of live baseball for us! Joe is at Miller Park today back in the dairy capital of the world - Wisconsin. He’ll be waking up at 4AM to milk the cows in his suburban back yard and Chris is hitting up two Giants games in San Fran this week.

What games have you been to so far this week? As always, all these cards are up for grabs including the Derek Jeter, ya better watch the episode to discover the rest.


Anonymous said...

Fernando Valenzuela

~ Cantu

Anonymous said...

... and jeter if it does not get claimed


Nick Pro said...

Juan marichal

R. Geohegan said...

Reggie Jackson

william nick shaw said...

can i have the cincinnati reds duncan card and or the ozzie smith

bennett said...

Ozzie Smith please.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey guys, if I could get that Randy Johnson card that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's David--

Great episode. I love how you guys find packs of cards from different years and give them away. Too bad Chris didn't have a Barry Bonds because I think that would have been his rookie card. Can I request the Derek Jeter card? I love the Yankees and Jeter is one of my favorites.


Joe In Cleveland said...

He guys....great stuff as've got to know the card I have my eye on...Sandy Alomar Jr.....those were the days!!


Joe in Cleveland

Chris Guidry said...

I'm interested in the Michael Young card. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Brian McCann Toppstown please.

Tkoz said...

I would like the Vin Massaro

Alex said...

Hey guys could I get the steve saxxs allstar card and or the mark texeria card. Thank you

Kelsey Newman said...

Pedroia please!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...I would like the Pedroia card. BJ Upton would be my backup. Once again,you guys rock!!

Chris M in VT

Austin Buchholz said...

can i get jonathan broxton

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Everyone, thanks for tuning in. Here's what I have for cards requested so far:

Fernando Venezuela - Cantu
Juan Marichal - Nick Pro
Reggie Jackson - R Geohegan
Mariano Duncan - Nick Shaw
Ozzie Smith - Bennett
Randy Johnson - TheBrooklynMet
Derek Jeter - David
Sandy Alomar - Joe in Cleveland
Michael Young - Chris Guidry
Brian McCann - Bryan
Vin Mazzaro - Troy
Steve Sax - Alex
Dustin Pedroia - Kelsey
BJ Upton - Chris M
Jonathan Broxton - Austin Buchholz

There's a lot of cards we opened in this episode, and a lot of good ones left. Spread the word, lets get rid of all these cards!

william nick shaw said...

hey i dont know if anyone else took the other reds player but if not i would like that one if that is possible

Anonymous said...

i like the Derek Jeter card

Joe and Chris said...

Hey buddy, thanks for tuning in. That Derek Jeter card was snatched up pretty early. apparently he is a popular baseball player?

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