Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 3 Baseball Apps for the iPhone

The Major League Baseball season is in full swing and while we encourage you to catch as many baseball games as possible from within a stadium, how do you stay on top of scores when you’re in line at the urinal? We at Opening Day Cards have deemed it officially impossible to be in every ballpark at the same time so we’ve come to rely on iphone apps to keep us up to date on games happening around the country.

Do you know who won the Red Sox game? Do you know who’s pitching for the Royals on Sunday? Did David Ortiz really strike out 4 more times on Thursday? We used to call friends and family to find these things out but with an iphone you no longer need friends or family #thankstevejobs.

Top 3 Baseball Apps for the iPhone:

#3 - MLB LITE - This is our official “snapshot” app and it’s a free one brought to you by MLB Lite. Don’t expect any details with this app but you’ll get up to the date scores, who’s pitching and whose hitting in a snappy interface that’s perfect for a quick check from underneath the conference table at work. That said you won’t get box scores, recaps or any other information. MLB is always looking to make a buck so if you’re a free-spender check out their $9.99 app that comes with all the bells and whistles (It didn’t make our list because $10 is just too expensive).

#2 – Ball Park Envi – Imagine every MLB stadium in your pocket and then pay these guys $0.99 and actually have it in your pocket. Beautiful shots of all the MLB baseball parks in the country and a fun baseball app to keep in mind before you pick up tickets at a new venue.

#1– Sportacular – These guys do it right and they do it for free. They cover every major sport you can imagine but when spring rolls into town we recommend making those MLB scores your default setting. Here you get complete access to scores, recaps, box scores etcetera.

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