Friday, May 14, 2010

Fan Mail! Episode 26

Fan mail! We're pretty jazzed about the stuff jamming our mail boxes these last few weeks. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent us stuff these past few weeks. Sorry this took so long to post, we've been busy!

Big SHOUTOUT to Randy (check out Randy's blog here), Bennett, Anthony (check out Anthony's blog here), Jason, Jesse, Nick and Coach Cantu! You guys are amazing and sent us some awesome stuff fit nicely in our Brewers/Red Sox collection! We received autograph cards, jersey cards, unopened packs, commemorative baseballs, a Brewers pennant, and even our own cards!

So, we tried to fit this video into 10 minutes so we could throw it on YouTube, but we failed. In or time saving effort we crammed in a few packs of Bowman 2009's to send to y'all.

Leave us a comment below to request your FREE* card!

*limit one card per person


Anonymous said...

i like the Chase Austin card

Bennett said...

Trevor Bell or Kenerko! Thanks for sending me all the free cards!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's David--

Love the fan mail, you guys get some pretty great stuff. I went to target today hoping to get some MCG codes but I didn't get any.

Can I request the Brent Leach card?

Thanks guys

Anonymous said...


~ Cantu

Unknown said...

Can I have the Barbaro Canizares!

Tkoz said...

Kent Mattwews Please

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey guys, glad you liked the pennant!

dantheman282 said...

can i have the julian sampson card on the phillies? thn for all the free cards

Anonymous said...

glad yall liked the cards! anytime!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Guys, I sent the cards out. Who wanted that Chase Austin card? Its just says Anonymous. Hope everyone is happy that the Brewers finally closed a game out, and managed to do it without a starting pitcher. Maybe we should just pitch by committee every game?

Anonymous said...

i wanted the Chase Austin card

Josh Hudgens said...

If you guys sitll have it I would like the Jeff Clement card. Your right Chris those cards shky rocket if they do ever make a name for themselves.

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Josh, that Jeff Clement card is yours!

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