Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winner of the Best Card from 2010!

Hey Folks - Great work on the contest happening over on our Facebook page at There are some incredible cards posted and this has not been an easy decision. We are announcing a first place winner as well as a runner up winner which will receive a prize as well.

FIRST PRIZE: Nick Shaw! You put Babe Ruth and Ryan Howard on the same card and there's not much we can do about that!

SECOND PRIZE: Todd Fee! Todd's Mike Leake 2009 Donruss Elite MIke Leake Collegiate Patch Auto RC. Even though this card is a 2009 it sounds like it was pulled this year and it is a BEAUTY!

Thank you for all the submissions and remember - there's another great contest running now with an even better prize. Do you have an idea for what we can do with this show? What we can do with this blog? Leave your best idea as a comment on the post below and you could be receiving 5 new packs in the mail for free!

Congratulations again to the two winners and thanks for all the submissions!


Josh H said...

Hey Joe,
The Brewers still have a shot at the wild Card. Their only 9 games back and the top 5 spots are within 3 games of the lead. there still is hope for you guys right now and I think they actually could make a run for it if the could just start putting together a few good streaks. Oh yeah and Chris the AL east looks like it could end up staying lock until the final week of play.

Josh H said...

Go with the ALL-STARS idea

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