Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winning Idea for Opening Day Cards

After an excessive deliberation, Chris and I have chosen the winner of our latest contest where you were asked to submit your ideas for what we should do next at Opening Day Cards.

Without any more delay, the winner is Josh Hudgens! Even though Josh is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, we wish him a hearty congratulations!

In a nutshell, here is Josh's idea:

Viewers comb through their collection and form an All-Star team from their cards, including a player at each position. Then you take a picture and submit it to us. We will post all submissions and YOU the viewers will vote on our site to decide the winning submission for the best All-Star team of baseball cards.

Why we LOVE this idea:

  1. It gives us all an excuse to rummage through our collection again, and that is always a good time.
  2. We love it when viewers submit pictures of their cards.
  3. We REALLY love it when viewers get to vote so we don't have the hard job of deciding who wins
  4. This idea is really cool because the winning submission will include both the best all-time greats, including a mix of retired and current MLB stars, and the quality of the cards, for example, rookie cards, relics, autos, etc.
  5. It's a contest, and we obviously love contests because they allow us to give away free awesome cards to you all!
We will be using Josh's awesome idea in an upcoming episode, so start combing through your cards now. More contest details, including the announcement of the sweet prize is coming soon!

Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas, we received a TON of great ideas. Don't be surprised if we use your idea even if you didn't win. We are in the business of giving you what you want. You want free baseball cards? You got 'em!


Unknown said...

I'm already agonizing who to include in my All-Time Mets all star card team.

ben said...

wait for the brewers can we pick braves to?i mean the brewers haven't had many good players.

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