Sunday, August 15, 2010

Episode 35 - Vintage Baseball Cards for Free!

Episode 35 is now live with some teeny tiny, vintage baseball cards up for grabs. Big thanks to TJ Parker a big fan of ours in Cambridge, MA who hunted down these gems at a small antique store. We're working on some exciting things hear at Opening Day Cards - some new things will be popping up shortly. Playoffs are around the corner and we hope your team is closing up the season right. Trips to the mound come with a little more meaning these days.

Play Ball! We hope you enjoy the episode.


Grizz said...

Can I Please Have the Ryne Sandberg and Kirby Puckett

ManyCards said...

Could I have Kirby Puckett.

Chris in VT said...

Hey guys can I have the Mattingly? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey can I have the don mattingly

Anonymous said...

Or Julio franco

Josh H. said...

Joe and Chris,

I hope you guys had a good trip going to all of the stadiums. If the Randy Johnson card is still available I'd like it. Cant wait to see the Brewers come up against my Cardinals this week and Chris I have a prediction for the end of the season that there will be a 3way tie for 1st in the AL east.

T Mak said...

May I have the Ruben Sierra card? Thank you.

Nick P said...

Hey guys!

I'm going to request the Will Clark card.


jason bauza said...

can i have randy johnson

Ben said...

2.Darryl Hamilton
3.Mark davis
4.Chuck Finley

jason bauza said...

can i have a don mattingly rookie card

Austin Buchholz said...

Ill take the Darryl Hamilton Thanks

Anonymous said...

Chuck Finley

...if taken then Steve Sax

Thanks Guys!!!!
Coach Cantu

Joe and Chris said...

Hey everyone,

Here's what I have for this episode:

Nick P - Will Clark
Bennett F - Robin Yount
Travis M - Ruben Sierra
Annonymous? - Julio Franco
Christian - Kirby Puckett - CONTACT ME
Grizz W - Ryne Sandberg
Coach C - Chuck Finley
Chris M - Don Mattingly
Austin B - Darryl Hamilton

Christian, send me an email to with your name and address so I know where to send your Kirby Puckett card.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys this is my first time on your site, you guys are awesome!!
Can I have the ozzie guillen?

My email is

Josh H. said...

Hey guys did you over look me I asked for the Randy Johnson card if it was still available If not I understand.

Joe and Chris said...

That Ozzie Guillen is yours. I'll send you an email to get your address and send it your way.

Josh - We didn't overlook you. I just need to look back through the cards and find out which one has the Randy Johnson on it. Those cards are funky and have 3 players on them, so I didn't know off hand which one it was. By the way, great comment about Rigby and the Orioles in the doghouse. I giggled. Hopefully we can get that mutt on camera a few more times. She is getting bigger than the O's win column.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am Andrew and i am ten.
please send me as many cards as you can. I love collecting baseball cards.
My address is 28 Drury Lane Demarest NJ. 07627

Anonymous said...

Whatever cards you have left is fine with me. My name is Paul and I live at 30 homestead lane royersford pa 19468
as long as shipping is free!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's 20 homstead not 30

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