Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Fleer Baseball Cards - Episode 19

Almost two weeks into the MLB season and we have a treat for you at Opening Day Cards.

We are kicking back, drinking some Miller Lite, talking baseball gloves, David Ortiz, our favorite players to collect, and of course, baseball cards. Today we open a couple packs of Fleer 1984, from the year of Joe's birth. Flashing back 26 years allows us to have some real Dream Cards. Fortunately for Chris we pull some great former Red Sox. Tune in to find out who we pulled, and while you are at it, request a free baseball card.

If you are new, trust me, we send out whatever card you request, absolutely FREE*. Just leave us a comment below and we will ship it to you.

*limit 1 card per person


Nick Proietti said...

I'm going to have to request the Oakland A's fact card, looks interesting!
Keep the good work up & GO GIANTS!

T Mak said...

I would like to request the Wade Boggs, please.

bennett said...

Can I please have Garry Matthews.Thanks!

Philip said...

I would Like to request the Daryl Sconiers please

Unknown said...

So many good Mets in 84 and you didn't pull any. A plague on both your houses. :)

Waxtopia said...

I'd like the Eckersley please!

Cantu said...

Rick Dempsey, please.

jeff said...

hey chris can I get the jose moralis?

Austin Buchholz said...


Anonymous said...

Hey it's David--

Where did you guys get 1984 Fleer packs?

Can you send me the Ron Cey card?


Steve said...

What a great episode, you should comment on all the dead guys you pull from your packs..Arillio Lopez, Darrell Porter, Alan Wiggins

Anonymous said...

hey guys - good show! I actually played catch with a co-worker during my lunch break at work. It felt good tossing it around. You guys don't play in a team? Have you ever played at Twin Creeks Sports complex in Sunnyvale? Its mostly softball but its really fun. I haven't played in like 2 years...I've been too busy with school. You guys should form a team to put those gloves to work and if you need an outfielder, you let me know!

Joe and Chris said...

Thanks for tuning in everyone. Here's what I have for cards I'm sending out today:

Nick - Oakland A's Stat Sticker
Travis - Wade Boggs
Bennett - Gary Matthews
Philip - Daryl Sconiers
Swanssy - Dennis Eckersley
Cantu - Rick Dempsey
Jeff - Jose Morales
Austin - Chuck Porter
David - Ron Cey

If I don't have you address I'll be reaching out to you soon, or you can send me an email at Thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Randy, thanks for tuning in man. Sorry we didn't pull any old Mets greats. We would have love to flip over a Darryl Strawberry, Kevin Mitchell or Doc Gooden card.

Joe and Chris said...

Hey David, thanks for tuning in. Chris got the packs of 1984 Fleer from a friend of his. We are uncovering cards all over the place and handing them over one by one to you guys.

Joe and Chris said...

Jesse - thanks for tuning in. We don't play on a team here in the Bay Area, but I've been thinking about joining a baseball or softball team lately. Do you have a team? We should look into it. Chris can pitch (a little) and plays some outfield, and I catch and play first base...anywhere where running isn't super important :)

ernest said...

Boggs feasted on orange chicken before every game. I remember being a kid and watching a show about his pregame habits. He was one of my favorites growing up.

Joe and Chris said...

Thanks for tuning in and posting Ernest. Boggs was the man. Orange chicken is good, but before every game? That's 162 meals of orange chicken each year!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - I haven't played at Twin Creeks in about two years and I don't currently have a team. I stopped playing because I did have time because of school obligations. The team I played for was majorly competative; I'm sure my spot is taken if I checked in with them. Through all these connections you've made, you could probably find enough people to form a team; you could name the team after this website! Hey - check your email!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey there.

Philip, Swanssy, you requested FREE cards in this episode. I want to mail them to you, but don't know where you'd like them sent. Send me an email at with your name and address and I will stick your FREE cards in the mail tomorrow!

Thanks for tuning in!

Anonymous said...

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