Monday, April 26, 2010

Winner of the Nolan Ryan Card!

So we had some great "best/worst strikeout" stories submitted throughout the last week but we had to choose just one winner. That winner will receive the Nolan Ryan "mother's cookies" limited edition baseball card. This thing is one of a kind and we know we're sending it to a good home.

The winner is.... Drumroll... CHRIS GULDRY! Take a chance to read his story below and feel free to comment with a congratulation. Now come on everybody, be good sports no hate :) only love. Congratulations Chris!

Here's my story: 10 yrs old (Bronco League back in the 70's). I had not struck out once all season. Much like never mentioning a no-hitter during a game, Dad and I never talked about the streak, but he did point to the "0" in the column in the stats after each game. So, last game of the reg season, 2nd at bat and the pitcher is the only girl in the league. She got 2 strikes on me and lobbed a "change-up" toward the plate. No need to spell out the outcome. Dad never let me forget that lone "K".

Watch out for those change-ups and enjoy the MLB season!


william nick shaw said...

hey man that is a funny story good job!!!!! =)

Chris Guidry said...

WOW! Thanks! Finally something good comes from that episode.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Guidry!!! Awesome story!!! I think i was your antithesis... always stuck out and almost never got a hit... LOL

Congrats again!!!

~ Coach Cantu

Chris Guidry said...

Just remember, I was only 10 at the time. Things changed dramatically in the following years.

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