Sunday, May 9, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway - #25

First of all, HUGE shoutout to our buddy over at The Dugout Cards for sponsoring this episode. Check out the site, pick up a card. It's a great place to find and purchase cards online, with some pretty killer deals. Let us know what deals you found.

Second, HUGE shoutout to Jeremy Dunson, our buddy from Facebook, for hatching the idea for this episode. If you enjoy the madness of Million Card Giveaway, and you enjoy us giving them away, thank Jeremy!

Third, here's the dilly for this episode. We are on a treasure hunt for some Topps 2010 Million Card Giveaway (MCG) codes. People love this stuff. It's like baseball card gold. We have plenty of packs lined up and plan on finding a few codes for you.

The same rules apply people:

1. First to comment gets the card (click the little comment link below)
2. Limit one card per person
3. If you haven't received a card from us in the past (what's wrong with you, do you not like free cards?!) you will have to send me your address at
4. Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion!

That second code is still on the market. Here's what you have to do to get it:

Let us know the most exciting thing that happened at a baseball game that you were at in person. Leave us a comment below. The best story gets the second code. We'll pick the winner tomorrow night at 10 pm PST.


william nick shaw said...


roger chen said...


jeremy dunson said...

it was my idea and u kon where the first code gos bros

Joe and Chris said...


Ok, so we opened two codes. In the video we explain that getting the first code is first comment. So the first code goes to William Nick Shaw.

The second code is a contest. Let us know the most exciting thing that happened at a baseball game that were at in person. The best story gets the second code. We'll pick the winner tomorrow night at 10 pm PST.

Thanks for tuning in everyone!

jeremy dunson said...

i seen ken cammineti hit a pop up that hit the glass in the astrodome a long time ago

william nick shaw said...

if i could get another i would love the reggie jackson but i think i got the free code!!! first to comment..yesss

Unknown said...

I would like a code please!

Unknown said...

er this is Tony Hunter in North Dakota! Free code please!

Unknown said...

I would like the Pedro Martinez CYMTO card!

Roger Chen said...

last friday at the a's game vs tampa bay while the team was losing... the entire crowd did a wave that spanned 6 times

everyone was focused on keeping this wave going and once maybe twice around the stadium i can dig, but 6 times, that was fun to be apart of that action

Roger Chen

Anonymous said...

I was at the Dodger game when Fernando Tatis hit two grand slams in one inning. This is the rarest feat in baseball. Never happened before and the odds of it happening again are astronomical!


Unknown said...

On my first deployment to Iraq, we were stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington so we had been given the oportunity on an off weekend to see a Mariners game so I was able to see the Mariners and Twins play for military appreciation weekend and I'd never been to a baseball game before in person on a Pro level so this was cool as ever for me, it was at Safeco field so I got to see a cool baseball field and the Seahawks stadium next door. But anyway, we were sitting in our section in Left field and I was sitting with four open seats next to me, at about the third inning four older gentlemen sat down next to me and the guy sitting right next to me was Collin Powell, General of the Army, retired at the time but still cool as heck to sit next to and cheer on a baseball game with someone like him. Twins won 4 to 2 so it was a great day all around!

Tony Hunter
Casselton, ND

Unknown said...

Darn I wanted the Pedro Card. I guess I'll take the Wright Turkey Red card.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Ok so here's my story. I've been to literally hundreds of MLB games in about 10 different MLB stadiums. I've seen cycles. I saw Gooden break the rookie strikeout record. I've been in the park to see my Mets clinch an NL east division and a NL Pennant.

But you would think that going to so many games would mean I would have caught a foul ball at some point, right? Wrong! Now I have gotten balls at BP during warmups but never an actual foul ball. For this reason my favorite moment happened at a Minor league stadium.

Keyspan Park (Now MCU Park) in Brooklyn is great little baseball gem in Coney Island. I was waiting for my friends who had the tickets and who were also running quite late so I'm standing outside on Surf Ave. getting kinda mad. Anyhow the game has started and they finally showed up. We turned to start walking into the park when **WHACK** something smacks the ground at my feet and starts to roll away.

Being from NYC my whole life my first thought was someone had hurled something but then my juvenile mind realized what had happened. You see for anyone who hasn't been to a minor league stadium, because they are rarely more than one deck, most foul balls actually leave the ballpark and enter the parking lot. But Keyspan is smack in the middle of Brooklyn so many balls just end up out on the busy street.

"FOUL BALL" I shouted to my friends as I did the only thing my idiot baseball-obsessed brain told me to do: run out into traffic to get that ball. Which I did. And that is how it came to be that the only foul ball I have ever been lucky enough to grab was corralled in the middle of four lane traffic on Surf Ave. in Coney Island.

The ball, which I found out when I actually got into the park, was hit by one of the Staten Island Yankees. Despite that, I kept it and it still sits proudly in my bar at home.

Joe and Chris said...

Some awesome stories being unearthed here. You guys have seen some pretty incredible stuff. Keep 'em coming!

dantheman282 said...

can i have a code or a card your mom threw out please?
or the ll insert card
great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Miller Park to watch the Brewers play the Montreal Expos. In his first three at bats, Geoff Jenkins hit solo, two-run and three-run home runs. Amazingly, when he came to the plate for his fourth and final at bat the bases were loaded, giving him the opportunity for a "home run cycle." Unfortuately he ended up striking out looking. Additionally, this game took place during my freshman year of college and I was at sitting in the outfield bleachers with a large group from my dorm. One of the guys from my dorm floor caught one of Jenkin's home runs. In exchange for the ball, he got to go into the Brewers clubhouse and meet some of the players and Bob Uecker. Overall, it was a pretty exciting day.


Oriole Way said...

Since it wasn't specified that the game had to be a major league game, I'll tell you about a game that I remember from when I was a 13-year old.

The local fastpitch softball team was pretty good. My brother-in-law and a bunch of his friends had the opprtunity to play "The King and His Court" with Eddie Feigner (a 4-man team - they had Eddie pitching from halfway between the normal pitcher's mound and 2nd base, a 1st baseman, catcher, and one fielder, that was it). Well, the local guys brought me along as a backup, even though I was just a kid.

It was a beautiful, hot mid-July day in northeastern Wisconsin and Eddie was throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at the guys: knucklers, curves, screwgies, risers, sinkers, the heat - you name it, he threw it.

We were holding our own, down 7-6 as I recall when the coach told me to grab a bat - I was going to pinch hit. I nearly relieved myself in the on-deck circle watching Eddie throw a few seeds past our best hitter.

Then it was my turn. I stepped in, not daring to look out at the majestic 'King' and dug my back foot in. I said a little prayer and finally looked out at him. I could have sworn in the mirage I saw an actual crown on Eddie's head. He peered in at me and it was all I could do to keep my knees from knocking together. He wound up his windmill delivery and fired the first pitch. I never saw it. At the same moment the ball appeared to leave his hand the catcher's mitt popped like a gunshot. "Ball!" the ump shouted.

My eyes grew even wider (if that was possible) and I stepped tentatively out of the box. I remember turning around to look at the coach as if to say, "You're kidding me, right?" He had a big smile on his face - a few of the guys were chuckling on the bench. I stepped back in and took the next pitch, also a ball.

Then he grooved one. I decided to swing right about the time the catcher was throwing the ball back to Feigner - yes, I was that late with my swing. Humiliated and completely intimidated, I decided to watch the next pitch - it was a thing of beauty - a knuckler that danced and floated like a real butterfly. Muhammad Ali would've been proud. I could have swung and missed three times before it made it to the plate and been out on one pitch. Due to my incredible plate discipline(!!), though, I laid off and it was ball three.

3-1. Got the old man where I wanted him. He blew the next pitch by me - again I never saw it - and he gave me a smirk that seemed to say, "Don't get wise kid - you'll never touch this next one."

And he was right. I never touched it. I did, however, get to run down to first base since his final pitch missed the plate. I have no idea if he was just playing with me (probably) or not, but I got on base against the King.

He struck out the next batter and we lost the game by a run. What an experience, though! A day at the diamond that I'll never forget.

Ryan Pfeffer said...

I'll take the unnamed Twins card if you haven't gotten rid of yet.

Ryan Pfeffer

Chris Andrew said...

Oriole Way! Great story - what an experience to look back on.

Nick Pro said...

Gio Gonzalez!!!

Tyler said...

I want that Frank Thomas card or whatever that was

T Mak said...

I will take the Neftali Feliz card.

And for the MCG Contest: The only story I have is when I took my son to his first baseball game. He started out great. He was eating the hot dog, laughing, playing, and enjoying the whole experience. Then by the seventh inning he was so tired that he was screaming his head off. So, I took him down to the gift shop and bought him his first baseball, and baseball cap. This to me is one of my favorite games because I got to share it with my son.

bennett said...

Granderson and Cobb card!Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ichiro Peak PErformance Card

~ Cantu

T Mak said...

Actaully instead of the Neftali Feliz card, can I get the Jason Grilli one. I already have the Feliz card. I just remembered.

Unknown said...

Can I have the McCann Toppstown? thanks!

Bennett said...

Or the Feliz!

Joe and Chris said...

Ok, we have a ton of great stories to choose from. There is still an hour to get your story posted and have a chance at that second Topps Million Card Giveaway code.

In the meantime, here are the cards that have been requested so far:

William Nick Shaw - MCG
NDPokerStud - Pedro Martinez CYMTO
Randy Medina - David Wright Turkey Red
DantheMan - Granerson/Cobb LL
Ryan Pfeffer - Minnesota Twins team
Nick Pro - Gio Gonzalez
Tyler - Frank Thomas CYMTO
Bennett - Neftali Feliz
Cantu - Ichiro Peak Performance
Travis - Jason Grilli
Bryan - Brian McCann Topps Town

Lots of great cards left!

dantheman282 said...

is the reggie jackson card still up for grbs?

dantheman282 said...

nvm about the reggie

william nick shaw said...

hey guys could i also have the reggie jackson!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So guys, don't know if I need to say any more than that I was at Fenway on 9/28/07! For non-Sox fans,that night,Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched well, Big Papi homered and the Red Sox won. That win,coupled with a Yankee loss would clinch the division for the Sox. As the park was emptying, they put the Yankee/Oriole game up on the big screen so a group of us stayed and watched as the Orioles came back to win in extra innings, giving Boston the AL East title. Not much later,the Sox players started drifting out onto the field and partying. Everyone remembers Papelbon with the Bud Light case on his head! Well my girlfriend and my brother and I were there! And I have the t-shirt stained with the champagne Mike Lowell sprayed on us to prove it. Most of the team came up and talked to/hung out with us at some point that night,but Papelbon and Mikey Lowell stick out the most! All true story I promise! It also happened to be my Dad's 51st birthday!

Chris in VT

Anonymous said...

Oh man, didn't realize I posted my story too late! The Tatis story is great,but I think I definitely coulda been a contender! Oh well.
Guys,could I get the Schilling bloody sock card? And if not the Papelbon? Thanks once again!

Chris in VT

Anonymous said...

Hey it's David I just watched this episode.

When I saw it the first time I saw that someone already claimed the MCG card and that someone posted the Fernando Tatis story. So I just decided to watch Episode 26 instead. But now I came back to watch this one. Can't believe you guys got 2 codes I haven't gotten one in awhile. Anyways, can you send me the Rickey Henderson card? If that's gone can I get the Crawford card? I need a base stealing baseball card for good luck because my fantasy team has like 3 steals total this year. Thanks!

william nick shaw said...

hey man have u guys shiped them out yet b/c i did not get mine yet????

Grizz said...

Can I have that felipe lopez

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Grizz--I'll send you that Felipe Lopez this weekend.

Austin Fitz said...

Alright after posting on pretty much everything you have could i please have that mat latos

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Austin, sorry for any confusion with where to post requests. I will send that Matt Latos to you, as well as the Edgar Gonzalez from Episode 31. Thanks for checking us out, hope to see you around here again soon.

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