Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Grand Slams in One Inning - (winner of MCG code)

Two grand slams in one inning for Fernando Tatis is a feat we don't expect to see happen again anytime soon. In fact it's more likely that A-Rod will skip across Braden's mound again before we see two grand slams in one inning. Can you believe that little fire cracker on the left pulled this of? A big congratulations to Joshua for being in attendance at this game and for winning the last code in our Million Card Giveaway competition. There were a ton of great stories and we'd also like to award an honorable mention to Oriole Way for his incredible story about Eddie Feinger - for more on Eddie we suggest you read this Sports Illustrated Post.

For those of you that are curious, Tatis's Cardinals pulled off the victory and Chan-Ho-Park's Dodgers took the well deserved loss after watching Tatis put up 8 RBI's against him in the third inning with the two grand slams.

Again a big congratulations to Joshua for taking first prize, & to our runner up "Oriole Way" we're hunting down a special gift as you endure another season cheering on Baltimore. Thanks again to Jeremy Dunson for his suggestion that we run a Million Card Giveaway episode, we'll get another in the works!

Thanks for your support and may the star on your team hit two grand slams in one inning, he'll be joining elite company - Tatis was the 2008 comeback player of the year after all!


Oriole Way said...

Thanks for the article link. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page in the link there is a little matrix that has a promotional video of Eddie and his court made in 1959 (click on the number 6 and then the video dated December 26, 2008). It shows a portion of what he could do. Boy, that sure brings back the memories!

Joe and Chris said...

My brother sent me the SI article linked above and I simply could not stop reading it. Its the kind of piece that makes you wish you lived in a different time and place. That guy was a true character. His quotes are the best. I can't believe you faced him in a game.

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