Saturday, May 8, 2010

Viewer Video #1 - Opening Day Cards

We are geeked about this episode!

For the past 2 months it has been a blast for Chris and I to open cards and share the excitement (and the cards) with all of you. It's great to see it has been a blast for you all as well.

One viewer, Nick Proietti from Cheyenne, WY has been a regular viewer from the beginning, and he likes what we do so much he just had to join in the fun. He made his own video and is sharing his cards with all of you! More FREE cards*

Tune in as Nick opens a few packs of cards, shares his favorites, and comment below to request a card.

You can contact Nick at


*Limit one card per person


william nick shaw said...

can i have the swing king card

william nick shaw said...

the beltron swing king card just saying it twice so i can get it!!!

william nick shaw said...

haah and of corse when i watch the whole video i find out i have to email him...nah i am in to much pain from my knee to so i will wait till next episode

Nick pro said...

Just comment here on the site of what card you want and email me your mailing address so i can send you the card.

Tom said...

Great episode Nick! I love that you did this.

william nick shaw said...

awasome got the card!!!!!!

Unknown said...

cool video great work!

Nick Pro said...

3 cards sent out today, 8 still left!!! Request them here if you want them!

Miguel Cabrera - Chris M
Carlos Beltran - William S
Troy Tulowitzki - David L

Nick P said...

1 day left to send me your error stories and to request a card!!! Picking the winner tomorrow!

Pena, Beltre, Cabrera, Beltran, & Tulowitzki are taken.

Nick said...

The winner of the error story contest is drum roll please...

David Lynch!!!

Here is his story:

I was playing center field for the first time on my town all-star team. It was the championship game against a team we played and lost to in the championship two years before. Normally I was the first baseman, but on the day of the championship game my coaches decided to put me into center field. Not to mention, it was the first time I was playing a game under the lights. First batter up, hits a fly ball into center field, and I had no idea where it was. He ended up getting a triple. Next batter hit a fly ball to center field, once again I was clueless, and it dropped in front of me. He got a double. The next kid was one of the best players in the league, known for hitting home runs. He came up, hit one deep (the fences were not very high) I went back to hopefully rob the home run, and then I ran right into the fence. The ball went out of the park. So on three consecutive plays I missed two routine fly balls and ran into the fence. My team and my coaches were not too happy. And by the way, we lost the championship in a landslide.

bennett said...

Rowan Please

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