Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baseball Cards for Free: Episode 11

This episode is a challenge to you.

We are sick and tired of offering FREE* baseball cards, and having only some of them requested. We DARE you to request them all. There are only 12 cards in a pack of Topps 2010, that means we need 24 cards requested.

It's getting so close to Opening Day, that we are losing our minds. We get some pretty sweet cards in here, but they are all up for grabs. Absolutely FREE*.

Thanks for tuning in!

*For a limited time only, limit 2 cards per person, while supplies last


TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, if I can get another two I'd take the Million Card Giveaway and the David Wright Topps Town.

I don't dislike the Topps Town inserts as much as most people do, but I think the general consensus is that they are kind of ugly. I do think that the ones inserted into the Opening Day packs are a bit nicer.

Also, Lindstrom is going to open the year as Houston's closer and Roy Halladay is now on the Phillies (much to the disappointment of this Mets fan).

Fun stuff guys, thanks for the video.

Mannywood said...

how about i call dibs the Bob Gibson and Ernie banks cards.....

please tell me nobody has picked either of them.... if one is picked how about the hisory of the game card!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys.

I'm not too sure how you guys give those cards out (is it one per person or is there no limit), but if you give those cards out in the order in which the comments are posted, then I might've lost out on the cards I want.
But, just in case..

1. The Ernie Banks original back, or..
2. The Bob Gibson regular back.. (but it seems Mannywood commented first for those)
3. The Million Card Giveaway (TheBrooklynMet seems to want that one), or..
4. Roy Halladay base card (since I am a huge Phillies fan)

You can see that I didn't ask for the ToppsTown cards because they don't seem to hold much value, to be honest. There is one included in every pack, and the codes in the back of each card are for a digital card collection, which means that they aren't so special (unless you like to complete a digital card set.. check out
Actually, there are gold variations of these ToppsTown cards, and those actually are a bit harder to find in packs, so if you have any of the Gold ToppsTown cards of Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard, I'll surely take them.



Unknown said...

I'll also take the Chris Pettit rookie card.


Unknown said...

if i could the ernie banks and bob gibson or the mcg.
if not any other insert and a rookie

Bennett said...

1.Florida Marlins franchise
2.Tampa Bay Rays franchise
3.Bob Gibson
4.Ernie Banks
5.History of the game
6.Million Dollar Giveaway
7.Ryan Howard topps town
8.David Wright topps town

Joe and Chris said...

Hey everybody, thanks for tuning in! So the comments determine who gets the cards. So based on the above comments, here is how its shakes out so far:

1. TheBrooklynMet- Million Card Giveaway and David Wright Topps Town
2. Mannywood- Bob Gibson and Ernie Banks
3. Horace- Roy Halladay and Chris Pettit
4. Dantheman282- History of the Game insert and an undisclosed rookie card
5. Bennett- Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays Franchise History cards

Unknown said...

Hey guys. Good show as always. Some observations:

Halladay is a Phillie now. Interesting story, if you come across a Halladay Phillies card in the Opening Day series you will notice it is the same card but they photoshopped him into a phillies jersey. Even better though, when they swapped the jays logo out they left the "r" trademark on Halladays leg.

Iwamura is pronounced
Ah-Kin-Oar-EE EE-Wuh-Moor-Uh

As for Topps Town. Do you remember during the cube episode when you were throwing away those study hard, get cards inserts? Same deal. The code gets you virtual topps attax cards so you can play online and decorate your clubhouse but that is really only going to appeal to the 12 and younger set. There is one exception though. For the sake of collecting I made a complete set, but you may notice some of the ToppsTown cards are gold as opposed to silver. I am still looking for some gold toppstowns to finish that set so if you have any gold ones I'll take those off your hands.

Also keep an eye on your inbox. I am working on a "gift" for the show.

Joe and Chris said...

Hey guys, thanks for filling us in on the Topps Town. Randy, if I can find any Gold Topps Town cards, I'll send them your way, unless if they are Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols...then Horace has dibs.

And thanks for helping Chris with his pronunciation. He was homeschooled, so he needs us all to be patient with him :)

Realy interesting story about that Halladay photoshopped card, thanks for sharing Randy!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys it's David--

First of all, Akinori Iwamura played for the Rays. I think he's on that franchise history card that you guys got. He was their starting second baseman. I think ToppsTown is a good idea but it's sort of pointless because you just enter codes to see what cards you get. It's like the million card giveaway except you don't get anything.

I see that all the cards I really wanted were taken, but if they're still available could you send me the Coco Crisp and the Akinori Iwamura card?

By the way, I got most of the cards I requested in the mail in the past week. I was psyched when letters came three days in a row filled with baseball cards. The Million Card Giveaway you sent me was a 1988 Robin Yount. I got another one today and it was a Terry Francona manager card. I didn't get why that's supposed to be a throwback card, but I'll take what they give me.

Great show!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey David, thanks for tuning in. The Crisp and Iwamura cards are yours! Glad you got the cards we sent. Mail is pretty fun. We have received a few pieces of mail ourselves the past week that we want to share with you all. Maybe an upcoming episode? Stan tuned.

By the way, we now have 13 FREE cards left. Thanks to you guys above for clearing out the first 11, but we have more to go. Can we do it? Can we give out two full packs?

Anonymous said...

Let me help out with them cards: I'll take Derrek Lee just he's a stud and David DeJesus cuz his baseball card looks cool.

Why are ToppsTown cards not a hit? Cuz nobody wants or cares abut "cybertrading." Who wants to collect player cards you can never handle/touch/trade on the street? On-line trading works for Wall Street traders but not for baseball card collectors. Have either of you guys opened up an account with The site was built with very young collectors in mind. I went on line once to open an account, saw the content and never went back.

Unlike the majority of viewers on this blogsite, I like Upper Deck cards more than Topps. I think they have better pictures and card designs. I hate to see them lose out on licensing. Just a comment.

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Jesse. Thanks for the info. does seem like a kids' site. Speaking of Upper Deck...they are giving out some awards. Hope you vote (wouldn't mind if you voted for us) for Best Blog:

The Derek Lee and David DeJesus cards will be in the mail tomorrow! Thanks for tuning in.

Paul said...

It's Paul M.

I was wondering if I could have the Ryan Franklin and the Topps Million giveaway card if they are available.

Anonymous said...

Just voted for your site and looks like your site is leading the pack as of this morning... good luck and if you win, give the award to your followers! J/K... if you do win, show us what they gave you...

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Paul - thanks for coming back. The Ryan Franklin is yours (he has some sweet chin hair). Unfortunately the Million Card Giveaway card is gone. It was the 1st card requested, which makes me wrong, because I thought the Ernie Banks would have been the first one requested (it was the 4th). I'll send that Franklin card tonight!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Jesse- thanks for the vote! It will be a tough race. There are definitely some great blogs on the list, and we are pretty new. The good news is we will absolutely give away our winnings if we are so lucky. Even if we don't win, we are still going to give away stuff. Which reminds me...we still have 10 cards to hand out...

kyle said...

Seriously guys... You didn't know Roy Halladay was on the Phillies now?

Neither of you get a pass on that, but especially Chris. Not only will your Sox not have to face him a ton of times on the Jays, but if you're thinking at all about the World Series, I'm sure the Philadelphia is the favorite to come out of the National League -- which would mean the possibility of facing that monster on the biggest stage.

Joe and Chris said...

I know Kyle. I have been embarrassed about that all week. I am pretty sure Chris lives under a rock, but I expect more out of myself. Honestly, thanks for bringing it up and shaming us in public, we definitely deserve it.

Anonymous said...


I think what you guys are doing is great. I really don't know which cards are left, because it is kind of confusing to keep tack but if you have any cards left I will definitly take what ever two you have left.

Also I dont know how I would send you my address so if you can post again answering that. Thanks

Joe and Chris said...

Yo Troy, thanks for tuning in man. You can send me your address at so the internet creepers don't pull your identity down (you can isolate your risk to just 1 internet creeper). Here are the cards left:
Jermaine Dye, Will Venable, Joe Saunders, Jason Grilli, Matt Lindstrom, Scott Hairston, Vladimir Guerrero, Ryan Howard, Jeff Baker, Orlando Cabrera. You choose!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Not interested in any of the cards left, but fun episode to watch!

Alex said...

Hi Guys, Do you guys still have the Ryan Howard and Vlad Guerrero??? If you do I would love to have them. Thanks

Joe and Chris said...

Hi Alex, Ryan Howard is still available, I'll send that one to you. Thanks for tuning in.

Ben said...

Hey,Can i have the Vlad and the Will Venable?

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Bennett- The Vlad has been requested by someone else, but I will send you the Will Venable card! How's your team doing?

Ben said...

We went undefeated!

Anonymous said...

hey its andrew!
can you send me matt lendstorm and the orlando cabnreara? if someone took it then send me any other alternative thx.

Anonymous said...

do you have ANY left?

Anonymous said...

send me all that jazz if you are giving it a way im looking for tim lincicum and any million card give away inserts

Anonymous said...

do u have any more codes left

Anonymous said...

please send me some free baseball cards okay

Anonymous said...

1.BOB FORSCH 2.terry puhl 3.todd worrell 4.nick esasky 5.scott garrelts 6.chili davis 7.tim layana 8.felix fermin 9.dave martinez 10jeff robinson 9.drew hall 10.lance johnson 11.steve ontiveros 12.rick leach 13.mark davis who wants one

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