Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Baseball Cards: Opening Day Cards Episode 17

Welcome back baseball fans to Opening Day Cards. In today's episode we bust open some Topps 2009 baseball cards. The best part, all these baseball cards are FREE* baseball cards.

The first series of the MLB season is behind us. The Milwaukee Brewers won their first series taking two of three games at home from the visiting Colorado Rockies. Joe is pleased.

The Boston Red Sox dropped two of three at Fenway to the visiting rivals, the New York Yankees. Chris is bummed.

Back this episode is the Dream Card and Baseball Term of the Day. Does Chris get his Dustin Pedroia Dream Card or Joe his Tim Lincecum? And as always, FREE* baseball cards! Be the first to comment and the card of your choice will be mailed to your door.

Due to the incredible response to FREE* baseball cards (and why wouldn't there be an incredible response to free baseball cards) we have changed our policy to limit it to one card per person per episode, so choose wisely.

Thanks for tuning in!

*limit ONE card per person per episode, while supplies last


Anonymous said...

Manny blue colored poster thing...

~ Cantu
"Stay on target"

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey guys, first off, congrats on winning the contest!

Second, I would greatly appreciate the Hanson card since the Propaganda Poster is taken (I personally love that insert set!)

Joe said...

Hey guys, great stuff as always...looks like that Robinson Heroes of the game card has him in a Tribe uniform....I'd love that card...

Joe in Cleveland...

ben said...

Heath Bell.

T Mak said...

Hey guys, can I get the Julio Borbon card, if still available? Also, congrats on winning the contest.

Eric Enli said...

Hey guys, congratulations on the Upper Deck win! Keep up the good work!

Joe, Jacob and I went to the Brewers-Rockies game (game 3) on Wednesday afternoon. Awesome game! And we saw Hoffman's 593rd career save--Tevor Time is incredible, isn't it?

Anyway, if it's still available, I would like the Mariano Rivera 500th save card.

Jacob just told me he would like the Ryan Howard All Star card, if it's still unclaimed.

Thanks guys!

Unknown said...

OMG! The propaganda insert set is sick. Funny story about that set. For some reason, Topps screwed up the Adrian Gonzalez card and has him as a Milwaukee Brewer.

Alex said...

1. Grahm Taylor or 2. Mark Lowe which ever one is still there for the grabs. And congrates on winning the UD award.

Joe and Chris said...

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Here are the cards that have been requested so far:

Manny - Coach Cantu
Tommy Hanson - Brooklyn Met
Frank Robinson - Joe
Heath Bell - Bennett
Julio Borbon - Travis
Mariano Rivera - Eric
Ryan Howard - Jacob
Graham Taylor - Alex

Still some great cards out there!

Chris said...


I'll take the Aaron Bates card if it is available.


Tkoz said...

I will take the Manny Crad if still avavlibel or the Tim Wakefield

Anonymous said...

Hey it's David-

Congrats on winning the contest. It seemed like you guys were winning the whole time. Do you get anything for winning?

Can you send me the Mark Lowe card?


Unknown said...

hi cody kuehnhold
verry cool show and who is going to win the World Seares? I think the Brew crew.
Joe could u send me one of the brewer cards anyone will be fine with me.

thanks much,

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Chris, thanks for tuning in. That Aaron Bates card is yours. Just want to make sure I have the right this Chris C, from MA? Thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

Hey Troy, thanks for returning. The Manny card was requested first, but I sent you the Wakefield. Thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

Hi David, thanks for tuning in, and for your support with the UD contest. For winning we get a trophy, some (undefined) amount of free UD cards, and a football signed by a bunch of NFL rookies at the Upper Deck 2009 NFL Rookie photo shoot. We'll show off our prizes and announce how well be spreading the love around when we get it in the mail! That Mark Lowe card was shipped to you yesterday, thanks!

Joe and Chris said...

Hi Cody, thanks for tuning in! I sure do hope the Brewers win the World Series this season. I'd settle for playoff birth even. Unfortunately we didn't open any Brewers in the last episode. Stay tuned, I'm sure we will crack into some soon. Thanks!

Austin Buchholz said...

Hey guys can I get that Manny Rameriz card and that Gabe Gross

Joe and Chris said...

Hi Austin, thanks for tuning in! The Manny card was already taken, but the Gabe Gross is available. Send me an email at with your address and I will mail it out this week!

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